Maine libertarian party - Maine Libertarian Party Holds Hybrid Convention

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Libertarians Took Control of This Small Town. It Didn’t End Well.

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Libertarian Party of Maine qualifies as political party

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Maine Libertarian Party Files Letter in Pending Ballot Access Case, Commenting on Secretary of State’s Earlier Letter

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Libertarian party maine Maine State

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Libertarian Party loses party status; members now unenrolled

Libertarian party maine Maine State

Maine LP Files Declaration of Intent to Form A Recognized Party

But had the author not chosen snark over substance, his book could have served as a peculiarly timely cautionary tale, because the conflicting philosophical principles that drive this story are central to understanding American politics today.

  • The Plaintiffs have until July 12, 2016 to make up the balance of enrollments—specifically, 487—needed to meet the 5,000-voter threshold.

  • But the legislature did nothing to make it easier for a party to become ballot-qualified, nor did it ease the difficulty of a member of a small qualified party to get on the primary ballot for that party.

House of Representatives and one candidate for the Maine Senate at its state convention on May 15, 2016 in Lewiston, Maine.

  • But you got the idea exactly right.

  • This leads to whether there is a legal mechanism to challenge enrollment disqualifications.