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Sex Scandals of Early Hollywood

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Brutal Censoring Burns Press and Fans - Pennsylvania censors are certainly getting tough these days.

  • Harlean Carpenter — who changed her name to Jean Harlow -- was 12 years old when she first arrived in Hollywood from Kansas City with her mother who believed stardom was her daughter's birthright.

  • Nudity whether in glimpses, through clothes, in silhouette or in the distance was strictly banned by the 1930 Motion Picture Production Code.

In 1917, Hesser wrote the story for a theatrical film entitled For the Freedom of the World and wrote, produced, and directed The Triumph of Venus that same year.

  • Jack La Rue starts instead today.

  • In her case, it had more to do with her increasingly successful partnership with Fred Astaire than with the Production Code that went into effect that year, but the shift in overall moral climate certainly created a paucity of roles for girls with experience wearing a bikini made out of giant pennies whilst singing ironic lyrics in pig latin.