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  • The Escort 1997 Shauna O'Brien removing her pink robe and climbing fully nude into a spa where a blindfolded guy is waiting and then kissing his neck before climbing into his lap and having sex while riding him in the water all as Landon Hall tries to call him but can't get him to answer.

  • Shauna O'Brien Shauna O'Brien having a guy feel her breasts through her black lingerie and then stripping her clothes off to reveal her fully nude body as she takes some rope and ties his hands behind his head before having sex while riding him for a while and grabbing her own breasts and then getting on her back and having sex with him on top of her.

Shauna O'Brien Shauna O'Brien, wearing a red wig, having a glass of champagne with a guy in a bubble bath before climbing into his lap and having sex with him as he kisses between her breasts.

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