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More to the point, the film even suggests that her sexual openness can have a truly positive impact: her seduction of both the tourist fisherman Dave and his wife Janet with actress Vincene Wallace obviously being as voluptuous and frequently nude as Gavin appears to have helped rekindle the flame between the hitherto frustrated couple.

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This movie has many different flavors of nudity, from the redheaded Mickey Jines to the black and busty Tiffany Lane, both of whom are involved in a threesome.

  • This, Meyer argued, was key to the film winning over a wider audience than his earlier films, as Gavin appealed as much to women as men; as Anne Billson notes, Vixen was one of the first American sex movies which drew audiences of couples, as opposed to just the standard dirty raincoat brigade.

  • Edmund Leja — Photographer Edmund Leja started as a photographer in Detroit, in the mid 1940s.