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A Brief History Of Page 3 Girls

Page 3 is a British cultural phenomenon that, when it comes down to it, consists of nothing more than a young, attractive woman posing in a provocative manner in a national newspaper - topless.

  • She is also known for working with charities, which include those working for animal rights and breast cancer awareness.

  • The posts are still in place.

She was popular during the 1980s computer-game craze, appearing in one of the tiniest bikinis ever made for the cover of Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior.

  • Page 3 Archive British Glamour Modelling Girls Page3 What was Page 3? Although her glamour-modeling career began in 2003, she actually spent the next four years expertly covering her nipples.

  • For some reason, Pinder's areola became something of a celebrity in itself, so when she finally exposed her full topless glory for the appropriately titled Nuts magazine in 2007, her star value shot up.