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Lily Ivy

Art ivy x poison


Art ivy x Lily Ivy

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Art ivy x Lily Ivy

Art ivy x Lily Ivy

IVY x Alpha'a: An Evening of Art & Social Impact

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Art ivy x poison

Art ivy x Lily Ivy

In order to create the work, the 51-year-old has spent the last 20 years exposing himself to harmful radiation in his studio.

  • Our collective efforts include artist talks, exhibitions, publications, performances, and gatherings.

  • Harley's not only showing off her rainbow apparel, but her button has the colors of the bisexual flag, acknowledging her preference for men and women.

What's ironically strange about this piece is how normal-looking the two criminals are compared to their usual attire.

  • The questions we ask are informed by our nomadic condition and the consciousness of cultural and geographic migration.

  • What brings us together is the need to open a context that while defined as , is undefinable and irreducible.

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